About Us

terrain is a landscape architecture firm based in New York City that creates award winning, ecologically integrated and socially treasured landscapes. Experience teaches us that carefully designed and conceived places have the power to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities that live, work, and play in our landscapes. terrain embraces the energy of the city and magnifies the role of nature within it, creating transformative landscape spaces.

terrain’s work is framed within an ecological context - each project, no matter its size, is part of a network of cultural and environmental connections. We actively search for opportunities to connect to and fortify local ecosystems, whether it be through the careful design of storm-water recycling systems, the thoughtful selection of materials, or the establishment of native plant communities and habitat. Equally important is the fostering of social connections and networks. Well designed landscapes have the power to bring together families, neighbors and strangers and replenish the self.

An ethos of building is integrated into our work at every stage of our design process. Our attention to craftsmanship is rooted in durability and the desire to create lasting beauty. Principal Steven Tupu has over 20 years of New York City construction experience in realizing complex, multi-disciplinary projects. With decades of collective knowledge, terrain is a valuable collaborative partner working with developers, architects, engineers, contractors and other supporting professionals. We are a firm of makers and curious individuals who together challenge assumptions of how things are designed, assembled and fabricated. Throughout our design process we continually seek smarter and more durable methods of construction. Our experience allows us to respond quickly and efficiently craft innovative and elegant design solutions within cost-effective parameters to meet demanding time-lines.

A spirit of curiosity and collaboration drives terrain’s design process. Our process is a conversation - with our clients, with users, with the site, with the larger ecological and social framework, and with our responsive network of professional collaborators. This is an active approach that is focused on enriching our communities - celebrating urban life and the natural world.

Steven Tupu

Steven Tupu is the founding principal of Terrain, an award-winning landscape architecture office based in New York. Through his creative leadership, the firm has explored ecologically robust design since 2004. With a practice rooted in the vibrancy and intensity of urban experience, Steven leads his team to richly detailed solutions that transform experiences of nature and the urban. Terrain works within an ecological context - each project, no matter its size, is part of a network of environmental and human connections. Terrain’s projects range from clean water projects in the South Pacific to communal spaces for Affordable Housing to rooftop children’s play spaces to a park for a 62-acre post industrial power station on the Salem, MA waterfront.

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Steven received his Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture with Honors from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. After completing his studies, he immigrated to the United States where he accrued over 10 years of experience working for Weintraub + diDomenico and Thomas Balsley Associates. In 1999 he was awarded First Prize in the International Design Competition for the East River organized by the Van Alen Institute in NYC. In early 2004 Steven launched Terrain. Steven is a licensed Landscape Architect, registered in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts

Maggie Condon

Maggie Condon is a licensed landscape architect with over eighteen years of professional experience and an accomplished background in fine arts and film. With a love for hands on work with nature, Maggie firmly believes in the power of landscape as a transformative experience. After eleven years of experience at a large, multi-disciplinary firm, Maggie has extensive knowledge of how landscapes are built in the complex urban environment. This has translated into her special interest in material research, and constructing in highly crafted and durable methods. With experience in a fast-paced multidisciplinary environment and keen attention to detail, Maggie brings excellent communication and leadership skills to Terrain in her role as senior designer and project manager. 

Maggie has a broad range of built project experience including: government work, corporate campuses, research and development, residential landscapes, entertainment districts, university campuses and urban waterfront parks. After working at HLW International Maggie started her own firm, Maggie Condon Landscape Architecture, in 2009. A frequent collaborator with Terrain, she joined the team in 2015 where her years of diverse experience help guide the team on day to day operations and in the creation of refined and durable landscapes

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Meaghan Lynch

With training in both architecture and landscape architecture, Meaghan brings a rigorous design practice coupled with a unique creative voice to terrain. Applying her depth of knowledge to all scales of work, Meaghan has experience on large scale master plans to pocket residential courtyards to green roofs. 

First joining the firm in 2006, Meaghan was instrumental to the design and execution of terrain’s ASLA and NYASLA award winning projects, Unfolding Terrace, Magnolia Courtyard and Frog Work/Play Terrace. Meaghan took time away to develop academic coursework, teaching landscape studios that focused on constructed ecologies, green roofs, living walls, and temporary occupation of spaces. She has a special interest in urban food production and explored this through her design studios. In 2012 Meaghan founded Studioprospect, based in Brooklyn, NY. At Studioprospect, Meaghan teamed with terrain on the Tupper Lake Municipal Park Master Plan, developing an ecologically sensitive, program-focused master plan that is an economic driver for the upstate region. 

Re-joining terrain in 2015, Meaghan has used her recent research to contribute to Terrain’s breadth of complex projects. Her role at terrain includes outreach - seeking out experts to collaborate with, to test new ideas and experiment with innovative design solutions, pushing the boundaries of landscape in the built environment.

Scott Goodrich

Scott Goodrich is a designer from Bethlehem, PA; a small city with a layered landscape of wooded hills, colonial settlement and centuries of industrial relics that instilled in him a passion for local places.  His interest in the native spirit of place as a central factor in the identity of communities and individuals deepened throughout his studies and work in Germany and Italy.

Since joining Terrain in 2013, Scott focuses on details and materiality as they guide the perception of designed landscapes as unique places.  He has been an essential member of the design team on Tupper Lake Waterfront and Salem Harbor Waterfront projects. He is designer and project manager on various supportive housing & cultural projects encompassing courtyard, plaza, park and rooftop typologies.  Scott has a thorough knowledge of the design process, has guided teams of consultants to realized projects, and pushes terrain’s work to incorporate complex human and ecological structures such as bridges and green storm water infrastructure.
Prior to Terrain, Scott worked as a designer at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in New York City.  He also worked for two years at a small, interdisciplinary design firm in Rome, where he produced work exhibited at the 2012 World Expo and the NYC MoMA. 

Rebecca Lotka

Rebecca is committed to merging her comprehensive knowledge of native ecosystems with the aesthetics of urban design. Her background in art has fostered an ability to place design in a theoretical and historical context. Trained with a concentration in ecological restoration, Rebecca has a unique understanding of complex plant systems and their native flora communities and aims to bring that functional understanding to everyday life in the urban environment.

Prior to joining Terrain in 2014, Rebecca was an adjunct professor at Temple University in the Department of Landscape Architecture + Horticulture. Her past experience includes internships at The Center for Sustainable Landscapes, Terra Design Studios, and as a researcher for the U.S. Forest Service. Throughout her graduate studies, Rebecca served on the housing design committee for the Women’s Community Revitalization Project, creating affordable housing throughout the Philadelphia area.  She continues this interest in her work, and is committed to aiding underserved communities with the creation of desirable social and ecological spaces. 

Rebecca holds an MLA from Temple University and a BA in Art History from the Tyler School of Art. She studied abroad in Rome and has traveled extensively in Western Europe. She is the recipient of the ASLA Student Honor Award. 


Brian Green

Brian Green grew up in the small, rural community of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  He received his education in Washington, DC where he completed his undergraduate degree at American University and his Master of Landscape Architecture at Virginia Tech. After spending over a decade in the metropolises of Washington, DC, London, and New York City, Brian has a thorough understanding and appreciation of urban life and issues, as well as the landscapes of his childhood.  His master’s thesis explored how landscape architects can play a larger role in the design of drinking water infrastructure, and received the Thesis Crystal for Innovative Design. 

At terrain, Brian brings rigorous focus to construction detailing and improving interdisciplinary collaboration. A thorough researcher with a background in the legal profession, Brian has a talent for interpreting building code and public policy.  

Prior to joining Terrain, Brian worked at Parker Rodriquez, a landscape architecture firm in Alexandria, VA, at Office of the University Architect at American University, and as a paralegal at a corporate law firm. He has won numerous academic awards, including a collaborative student exhibition that received an honorable mention for best design at the National Building Museum in 2013. 

Sam Chun

With an international upbringing, Sam Chun brings this breadth of perspective to his work as a landscape designer. Sam traveled to and lived in such diverse places as Montana, England, Germany and South Korea. After his education he served in the Korean Military, as part of his duty as a dual citizen. Sam’s international travels witnessed people from all over the world have the same essential needs for connection to the natural environment. In urban conditions, this space must be shared. This is where Sam’s design interest lies - in creating connection to nature in communal urban public space, passionate about transforming spaces that will create opportunity for the urban public to grow as a community. Sam believes in the power of landscape to affect people in subtle and transformative ways. Sam is interested in projects that address urban conflict with ecological systems in a sensitive manner. 

Sam received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at Pennsylvania State University in 2013. Prior to joining Terrain Sam worked at Hewitt, an interdisciplinary firm of architects, landscape architects and urban designers in Seattle, Washington.