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Terrain designed the open spaces for an international school in Shenzhen, PRC. The adaptive re-use project is currently under construction and consists of a main entry courtyard and playground, classroom terraces, a botanical bridge walk, a basketball and track area, and an educational farm terrace.

The campus, guided by Efficiency Lab for Architecture, is a verdant cluster of buildings and lush, sub-tropical foliage, linked together by a series of colorful bridges and at grade streetscapes. The main entry plaza includes a variety of landscape experiences for the young students, inlcuding: an interactive stream fountain, a winding trail through the hanging canopy of native willows, climbable classrooms, and a linking bridge structure resting on two supports that serve dual purposes as a challenging vertical rope playground and a 30’ tall vine tower.

Above, a botanically rich walkway links the basketball court to the future campus buildings and older students.


Location: Shenzhen, China _Size: 1.1 Acres _Client: Avenues International School _Collaborators: Efficiency Lab  _Status: In Construction _Year: 2018 _Team: Steven Tupu, Scott Goodrich, Brian Green, Cody Erhardt, Sam Chun

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Image Courtesy of Efficiency Lab

Image Courtesy of Efficiency Lab

Image Courtesy of Efficiency Lab

Image Courtesy of Efficiency Lab