Creston Avenue Residence

Terrain collaborated with MAP Architects to design a 67 unit, 10 story supportive housing residence on Creston Avenue in the Bronx. 

Terrain designed the rear courtyard as a flexible garden space that can be used for a variety of different uses and takes advantage of the partially shaded space. Located at the eastern side of the building and oriented north to south, the garden includes an ADA accessible vegetable garden space, small play space for toddlers, and timber bleachers for group gatherings. The garden is also planted with a rich collection of shrubs and trees and provides the building with a dynamic landscape that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. Several specimen trees were selected for their tall habit and high canopy flowering to provide greenery and interest for residents on the upper floors.

The building has a LEED Platinum certification, to which the landscape contributed by: harvesting all of the storm water from the roof and using this for all of the garden’s irrigation needs. Installation of permeable, high albedo paving and the use of native, drought tolerant plants.. The garden and the adjacent community room serve as the central social space of the building, with residents actively gardening and using the courtyard seating and playground on a daily basis.


Location: The Bronx, NY _Size: 3,000 sf  _Client: The Housing Collaborative, Volunteers of America _Collaborators: MAP Architecture and Planning, Dominick Pilla Associates Engineering, HOG Rainwater Systems _Status: Built _Year: 2015 _Team: Steven Tupu, Kurt Martig, Maggie Condon, Scott Goodrich