Terrain was selected as the landscape architect to design and construct a research roof for the Gaia Institute, a group of scientists devoted to ecological research through demonstration projects.  The roof, located in the East Bronx's Einstein Medical College, experiments with two relevant environmental problems.  

Located above the college's athletic center and natatorium, the roof's first mission is to experiment with the removal of Chlorine from water runoff through the use of UV and plant remediation.  The plantings were carefully researched, as Chlorine is a widely known poison to plant life.  The roof's second mission is to reduce the site's water runoff beyond what is typically achieved with a simple blue or green roof.  Through a series of carefully studied styrene ribs, corresponding to the roof's soil and weight capacity, water is held on the roof by tiers of check dams.  The ribs function to slow the flow of water towards the roof drains, giving the robust native plantings a prolonged window to return the water to the atmosphere via transpoevaporation.  

The roof is currently being constructed, and its performance will be monitored to inform ongoing research in the reduction of water runoff.


Location: Pelham Gardens, Bronx, NY _Size: 6,000 Square Feet _Client: Albert Einstein Medical College _Collaborators: Gaia Institute, Brookyln Greenroof LLC _Status: Ongoing _Year: 2012 _Team: Steven Tupu, Kurt Martig, Scott Goodrich