Designed to integrate outdoor experience with the office environment, employees of the established global innovation firm use the terrace to enrich their work days.  The space provides a stimulating creative environment for work, relaxation, lunch breaks, happy hours and impromptu snow ball fights.    

The design responded both in layout and construction technique to a variety of challenges that come with building on an existing roof.  The terrace layout includes small intimate work areas, family sized picnic tables, vegetable and herb gardens for staff lunches, and viewing platforms overlooking the Hudson River.  The terrace adds over 2000 square feet of usable space to the office and establishes a direct connection from the design studio to the Hudson Square roofscape.

The design responds to the interior uses and organization of the office.  A grove of river birch create privacy for an interior conference room, while the design studio enjoys long views across native grasses and perennials- a verdant counterpoint to the interior.


Location: West Village, Manhattan, NY _Size: 2000 Square Feet _Client: Frog Design Inc. _Collaborators: Frog Design Inc. _Contractor: Coyle Construction _Status: Complete _Year: 2007 _Team: Steven Tupu, Meaghan Lynch, Kurt Martig

Early studies in folded paper.

Early studies in folded paper.