In 2004 Terrain teamed with Lee Weintraub LA for the development and construction of Erie Basin Park, a mile-long waterfront park in Red Hook.  The site, owned by Ikea, was formerly a working waterfront including a massive dry dock, piers, storage sheds & transfer cranes which were restored and incorporated into the park to maintain connection to the site's industrial past.  Erie basin is a public amenity that combines waterfront promenade, park, retail center which connects people to the waterfront and serves as a transportation hub for water taxis to Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens.

The industrial past of the site created many technical challenges, including: building over pier structures, adjacent to new sheet pilings and atop new fill.  In response to the design challenges, the team developed several innovative strategies throughout the park: a continuous promenade along the perimeter of the park provides a level, accessible promenade connecting the adjacent streets at each end of the park; a series of planted berms organized along the inside of the promenade provide a visual buffer from the parking lot as well as direct and filter its storm-water runoff.


Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY _Size: 10 Acres _Client: Ikea USA _Collaborators: Lee Weintraub Associates, Grain Collective, Fisher Marantz Stone & Partners, Flickr Creative Commons _Status: Complete _Year: 2005 _Team: Steven Tupu, Maggie Condon