Industry City is an aggregation of over 400 companies focused on craft and innovation.  Terrain's courtyard, one of 4, is dramatically set in the former Bush Terminal Industrial Campus- the nation's first vertical factory.  The courtyards, formerly railroad loading docks which delivered goods to the stacked warehouses and factories, are now a public gesture towards the community and the tenants of over 6 million square feet of work space.

Courtyard 5-6 is the third and most diverse conversion.  Situated between sublimely scaled 600 foot long buildings, the design offers visitors and tenants a mix of: forested respite from the industrial site, games and flexible areas, an active turf area for recreation, spectating bleachers for films and events, and a shaded grove of trees equipped with loose tables, wi-fi and flanked by beer gardens.

Lush forest walkways planted with natives offer a connection to nature in a context devoid of greenery and offer a year round spectacle to workers in the windows above. In addition to a storm-water management strategy that infiltrates water on site and reduces the risk of CSOs, environmentally conscious and recycled materials add a dimension of sustainability to the project.


Location: Sunset Park, Brookyln, New York _Size: 36,000 Square Feet _Client: Industry City Associates _Collaborators: Todd Group (Constractor), Brooker Engineering (Civil), Northern Designs (Irrigation Designer) _Status: In Construction _Year: 2016 _Team: Steven Tupu, Scott Goodrich, Maggie Condon, Brian Green, Rebecca Lotka, Sam Chun

 terrain team testing geometries on site- 1" = 1"

terrain team testing geometries on site- 1" = 1"