In collaboration with COOKFOX Architects and Common Ground, this large, U-Shaped building complex will provide a stable home to many families and at risk individuals in need of supportive care.  Terrain contributed by designing a both entrance landscapes, a 25,000 square foot courtyard for the two family wings of the building, multiple levels of rooftop planting, and a large accessible roof garden for the supportive wing of the building.

The courtyard space is large, however it is challenged by its shaded orientation and parking requirements.  Terrain's solution is a design which utilizes native plants, lighting, and careful layout to shield the plaza from views of parked cars, manage a large amount of storm-water, and expand the pedestrian's perceived landscape to the full extent of the site, and offer varied program to its users.  The design is focused heavily on the detention and re-use of water from the paving, parking lot, and roofs in an effort to greatly reduce the amount of water which leaves the site and thus mitigating the site's contribution to combined sewer overflows.  Large, planted swale systems flank both ends of the parking lot, and enshroud small timber decks, giving residents a look into the building's green ideals.  A catenary lighting system for the parking lot offers a human touch to the often drab infrastructure, creates a dramatic field at night and draws the eye from the plaza to the full extent of the space.  Similar to the suspended lights, the irregular paving pattern nips and tucks into the dense gardens, providing interest from windows above and intimate spaces to users below.  The plaza consists of game tables, large event seating, climbable bleachers, private pockets, a tetherball court, and plenty of shaded, movable seat areas.  The roof offers gathering space, passive recreation, and stunning views north, south, and to the courtyard below.


Location: Tremont, Bronx, NY _Size: 35,000 Square Feet _Client: Common Ground & Mountco Development Corporation _Collaborators: COOKFOX Architects, Brooker Engineering, OneLux Studio _Status: Ongoing _Year: 2014 _Team: Steven Tupu, Scott Goodrich