The design for this single-family residence in Sands Point, New York, creates a richly planted and layered landscape that connects the new modernist architectural addition to the existing grounds. The series of gardens and terraces include spaces for sun bathing, entertaining under a new shade structure, garden viewing, swimming pool, hot tub terrace and a native fernery at the front of the house.

Terrain worked closely with the client and architect to determine the program for the space and the important connection between the interior and exterior spaces.  The grading of the landscape was critical to create this seamless relationship between the building and the landscape while incorporating all of the various program elements. Raised, linear beds of perennials and grasses between the house and pool form a low, dynamic foreground garden when viewed from the house.  Terrain also added a layer of new under story trees beneath the high canopy of mature Oaks and Maples which provide privacy from the adjacent houses.  Native, shade tolerant groundcovers and ferns create dense carpets of dark green that highlight the vertical landscape.

This project received 2011 NY ASLA award for collaboartive Design.


Location: Sand's Point, NY _Size: 1 Acre _Client: Private Residence _Collaborators: Ohlhausen Du Bois Architects (Architect), Botanic Landscapes (Horticulture) _Status: Complete _Year: 2008 _Team: Steven Tupu, Kurt Martig

Site Plan

Site Plan