Terrain designed the lush and cozy rooftop garden as an extension of a larger penthouse renovation by Gluckman Mayner Architects.  The terrace is connected to the main residence below via staircase, and offers an functional outdoor kitchen and dining space, as well as an intensely private home office and library for concentrated thought. The office looks out across the garden lounge area and glimpses the Hudson River and rock outcroppings beyond.

Situated in a unique area of the West Village, where the city grid is askew, the terrace layout responds to and capitalizes on the long, oblique views to the city to the south, west and east- a rare commodity in the dense metropolis.  The terrace is split into two levels, dividing the program and raising the lines of site from the garden lounge above the parapet.  The grade change helps to create the illusion of flush planting, giving the upper terrace a soft, verdant personality.  The planting is a highly layered mix of natives and fine ornamental plants, creating striking contrasts in color and texture, scent and form.


Location: West Village, Manhattan, New York _Size: 900 Square Feet _Client: Private Residence _Collaborators: Gluckman Mayner Architects (Architect), McNulty Outdoors (Horticulture) _Status: Complete _Year: 2008 _Team: Steven Tupu, Kurt Martig, Scott Goodrich