Located in the Adirondack State Park, New York, the Tupper Lake Waterfront Park project seeks to revitalize an existing municipal park within the Village of Tupper Lake. Partially funded by a DOS grant, and in collaboration with design team Studio Prospect and AEDA, this project is strongly driven by a passionate community with a long-standing relationship with the park.

Site challenges involved current grading, parking, the navigation of existing structures and facilities, the high use of open space for regional events, and the ultimate goal of increasing tourism/ visitor numbers for the benefit of the entire community. The introduction of a constructed beach was a prerequisite of the design, and alongside introduced planting, new circulation routes, retrofit structures and greater investment in a navigable water edge condition, the master plan provides a revitalized and attractive waterfront park. The design of the park has greatly benefited from continued community feedback throughout the design process.

The master plan is ongoing, Terrain expects to present to the public in early 2015.


Location: Tupper Lake, NY _Size: 21 Acres _Client: NY Department of State _Collaborators: AEDA Engineering, StudioProspect, The Village of Tupper Lake _Status: Ongoing _Year: 2013 _Team: Steven Tupu, Sylvia Wilson, Scott Goodrich, Liz Campbell Kelly, Kurt Martig, Marin Braco